Rewind Your Hen’s Night With These Fab Ideas


We are taking you back in time to bring out the fun for your next hen’s night. Expect a vintage theme that packs plenty of punch and encourages guests to dress up in their finest old-school outfits. Satisfy your sweet tooth and hone your creative skills with cake decorating. Get mobile with a swing dance lesson that the girls will love and don’t forget to include plenty of vintage cocktails that are sure to be a major hit. Rewind your hen’s night with us and there won’t be room for disappointment. 

Downton Abbey theme

First things first. Get the girls to glam up for a Downton Abbey affair that will last the ages, and everyone will be in for a world of fun. Grab your finest dresses, frocks, gowns and everything in between as you prepare for a hen’s night of frivolous fun and hilarious fashion. Dress as your favourite characters from the widely popular tv show or set your own standard with bright and colourful clothing ideas that make a true statement. Be sure to have a hat or headpiece to match and your Downton Abbey themed hen’s night will be off to a great start. 

Swing dance lesson

Burn off some of that excitement (and maybe the nerves too) with some physical activity. But don’t worry, because we aren’t talking about boot camp. Hire a handsome swing dance teacher and have him thrill the girls with some amazing moves. You’ll love the classic music options available and of course the routines that are a bag of laughs to try and learn. Swing dance lessons will get everyone up and off their feet as they get into the groove for untold fun and endless memories. 

Cake decorating

Had your fair share of dancing? Grab a slice of cake! Get decorating with the team at your hen’s night and then enjoy a delicious feast of beautiful treats that will tempt even the healthiest of eaters. Cake decorating is a fun way to get social with your guests and will teach you some handy kitchen skills too. Look for advice from a friendly dessert pro or go it alone and trust the expertise and knowledge of your best buddies. Either way, you’ll be in for a world of fun and this is why cake decorating should definitely be included in your hen’s party itinerary. 

Stay classy with vintage cocktails 

Keep the drinks flowing with a selection of vintage cocktails. Look for bright and delicious concoctions like the Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, White Russian, Corpse Reviver, Whiskey Sour and more. These delectable menu options taste as good as they look and will definitely have the squad in the proper spirit to party well into the night. Definitely do your best to try a wide range and be sure to let us know which one takes your pick for best vintage cocktail. And we nearly forgot! Grab an old fashioned from the bartender to truly rewind your hen’s night and make it one to remember.        

If you are looking to throw a hen’s night that hits all of the right spots but are stuck for ideas, then get in touch with the expert team at We offer an exceptional party experience across the board and can help to bring your dream ideas to life. Call us today on 03 9981 9000 to chat about our wonderful venue hire options and more.

Cheap, Colourful & Crazy Hen’s Accessories for Your Party


Spread the awesomeness at your hen’s party by bringing colour, craziness and fun. Every bride-to-be deserves to go out with a bang and we have the perfect accessories to help her do just that. We are talking everything from wild balloons to willy shaped lollies, giant lipsticks, elaborate headpieces and so much more. Be sure to pack these essential party starters and your hen’s night will definitely be one to remember. 

Naughty balloons

Yep, you heard correct. Naughty pecker shaped balloons should be at the top of your list and the girls will love you for them. Have plenty of different colours on hand along with a variety of shapes and sizes to add even more hilariousness to the proceedings. Make a competition of who can collect the most of these inflatable bad boys and celebrate the winner with plenty of refills.

Giant lipstick

We get it. Not everyone has time to get glammed up for the special occasion, so it’s always a good idea to bring some extra makeup supplies just in case. So, pass the giant red lipstick around and help everyone look the best that they can. Take turns applying beautiful shades to all of the willing participants or use your skills on some of the balloons that are sure to be floating nearby. 

Wicked lollies

Indulge your sweet tooth by including a range of sugary snacks that represent the male form in all it’s natural glory. Willy shaped lollipops, penis gummy bears and sexy jelly men should be a staple ingredient throughout the night and will keep the girls fuelled and energised for everything to come. Bonus points if you present some goodie bags with a generous serving of the above to each attendee.    

Boob candles

Who says that you have to play it safe when it comes to decorating an epic cake? Well and truly put the icing on top with a hilarious pair of boob candles that are sure to provide endless entertainment. Get the hen in question to blow out these special candles and all of her marriage wishes will come true. Boob candles are a sight to behold and should accompany every hen’s celebration to maximise the fun factor.

Fun headpieces

Crown the princess in a gorgeous tiara and let her enjoy the night in style. Look for something that glistens and sits perfectly atop a stunning outfit. Don’t forget to include options for the bridal party and of course everyone else too. Take advantage of the situation and snap plenty of photos with the squad, so you’ll always have something to look back on with fond memories.

The perfect space to celebrate

Be sure to combine the above accessories with a fantastic function space that is perfect for hen’s night celebrations. The team at are experts in throwing wicked parties and can help you to plan a celebration that leaves a lasting impression. Get in touch with our friendly event planners and let’s chat about how we can bring your ideas to life.

Naughty Hen’s Night Fun


Adults only fun is the name of the game and we’ve got a list of suggestions to help you achieve just that. We believe that every hen’s night should have plenty of wild entertainment and nothing is out of bounds. Why? Because this is your last chance to get a little naughty and live it up before you walk down the aisle. Prepare for topless waiters, male strippers, sexy themes, naughty games and maybe even a raunchy show to finish things off. Interested in learning more? Check out these devilish hen’s night ideas below.    

Topless waiters

Everyone appreciates good service, so why not add an element of fun to the equation? Hire a team of topless waiters and the girls will definitely appreciate your generosity. Look for a company that has a great stock of guys and request the best of the best for your hen’s night. Topless waiters are great because they keep the drinks flowing well into the night, while looking extra hot and chiselled at the same time. Who knows, you might even find yourself doing a round of body shots as the fun progresses. 

Male strippers

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just us? Male strippers will certainly bring the heat to your hen’s night in all the right ways. Book a fantastic act that includes wicked dance moves and impressive feats of strength to keep you entertained for the entire night. Sit the soon-to-be-married lady down in the middle of the room and shout her a special dance that hits all of the right places. What happens on a hen’s night stays there, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t walk away with many lasting memories.

Puppetry of the penis

Want to see what all the fuss is about down there? Be sure to book Puppetry of the Penis! This hilarious show will keep the girls entertained and will bring no shortage of laughter. Let the talented guys from this company impress and amaze with what they can do. They are more than happy to dangle the night away for your benefit, so there’s no need to be bashful. 

Naughty games

Spice things up with some naughty games that are designed to get your close friends revealing their innermost secrets. Play truth or dare and award points for the bravest soul in the crowd. Be sure to reward any valiant efforts with extra drinks and don’t skimp on the top ups. Try adults only charades, take turns popping balloons with wild questions stored inside of them and more. These games will ramp the night up and lead to awesome fun along the way.

If you are looking to throw a hen’s party that’s extra naught and heaps of fun, then get in touch with the expert team at Our event planners specialise in putting together celebrations of all different kinds and can work alongside you to create the ultimate experience. Contact us today and let’s chat about how our services can meet your needs and more. We promise to always impress.  

Art Inspired Hen’s Party Activities


Art Inspired Hen’s Party Activities

Why should the artists have all the fun? Get creative for your hen’s party and impress the girls with your talent. Art inspired activities are a great way to get people mingling and in the mood to celebrate. Add some delicious wine and you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic and memorable hen’s party. We are talking about drawing, painting, sculpting and maybe even some food related artworks too. Check out our art inspired hen’s party ideas below and you might even discover a great new profession. 

Life drawing

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to draw some real life things! Life drawing is a fun way to get the team together and offers plenty of appropriate conversation for a hen’s party. Study the male form in all of its nude glory and let the good times begin. Encourage some friendly rivalry by offering a prize for the best masterpiece at the end of the day and the fun factor is sure to ramp up. Be sure to have plenty of wine in circulation to help with your artistic flow and everyone will be thrilled. 

Cork and canvas

Ever wanted to test your hand at being a world class painter? Well, now’s your chance. A cork and canvas class will appeal to your close friends and makes a great hen’s party idea. Working in front of an easel with a collection of paints is an experience of its own that everyone is sure to enjoy. Again, keep the drinks in rotation and be sure to taste a variety of different drops based on what’s around. For bonus points, ensure that there’s a cheese board close by for some ongoing fuel and sustenance throughout the fun filled day.

Pottery class

Spin the pottery wheel beside your gal pals and get lost in some hands on fun. Pottery classes will help you to relax and unwind in a friendly environment. Choose a fantastic design and get to work creating your own fantastic piece. Once set, get creative and add colours and exterior designs to make things look great. Go for beautiful paint types and decorations for a unique overall finish. The best part? You’ll have a special pot to give away as a present or to keep for yourself.   

Cooking lesson

Our final art inspired idea takes a slightly edible twist, and we are sure that it will go down a treat. Organise a cooking lesson from a talented chef that focuses on food presentation. Feel free to host the event yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. Bonus points if the chef is super cute and handsome. Wine is a staple part of any recipe and should be available to drink at all times. Pay attention to your head chef and you might just walk away with some handy new kitchen skills too.   

Once the fun has wrapped up, be sure to have a wild afterparty planned for you and your friends. Hen’s parties should always involve plenty of wild and exciting activities that bring people together. At we can provide you with just that. Our team works hard to put together standout party packages that are always a success. Speak to us about our fantastic event hire spaces that are perfect for hen’s nights and more.

Fun Ways to Arrive at a Hen’s Night


Fun Ways to Arrive at a Hen’s Night

Excited for the hen’s night but sure how to get there? We’ve got you covered! Ditch the pumpkin coach and opt for something slightly more practical, but just as fun. From extravagant limousines, to vintage cars, UberPool and everything in between, stick with us and you won’t be led astray. Always plan your mode of transport well in advance to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Read on below to find out more about our fun tips on how to arrive at a Hen’s night. 

Hire a limousine

Get fancy and hire a limousine for an unforgettable time. Picture yourself and your closest friends living it up in style as you make your way to the hen’s party for a night of wild adventure. Bubbles will be flowing as you take advantage of your own minibar to keep everyone well refreshed. Tell your driver to take the long way because the experience will be one to savour. If that’s not enough, turn the tunes up and rock out to some of your favourite songs. Bonus points if you put the windows down and invite the outside world to listen too.  

Grab a lift in a vintage car

Maybe you have a friend who owns an awesome hot rod. Or perhaps a family member has access to a vintage car that is sitting in a garage, waiting for the right occasion. Either way, put your thinking cap on and start brainstorming who might have what and see if you can’t bargain with them for a lift to the big event. Grab a few buddies and enjoy a fantastic trip as you show your glam wheels off in the city streets en route to your hen’s night. Fasten the seatbelts and let the DJ play that funky tune the whole way there.


It may not be as classy, but it’s certainly still fun. UberPool is a great way to get to a hen’s night and will ensure plenty of laughs along the way. Get frocked up in your finest hen’s night outfit and be prepared to meet some new people and maybe even make a few new friends. Looking fabulous is always a good conversation starter, and maybe your passengers will have some soon-to-be-married wisdom of their own to share. The best part? UberPool won’t hurt your back pocket!

Public transport

Who said that you can’t jump on a train or catch a tram? A hen’s night is a unique experience and getting public transport can certainly add to that. Be sure to top up your Miki and everything will be smooth sailing. It always helps if the hen’s venue is near to a train station or bus stop, so be smart and do a bit of planning to make sure you aren’t left stranded on the way there. 

Home & back again

Always organise your mode of transport well in advance so that you can have a wonderful hen’s night celebration that is remembered for many years to come. Look for a venue that is accommodating of your needs and can bring all of your dream ideas to life. If you need help booking a function space or assistance planning a standout hen’s night, then speak with the team at Our dedicated team will create a wild and magical experience just for you.

Marvellous Hen’s Party Activities To Make The Day


Marvellous Hen’s Party Activities To Make The Day

A hen’s party should be a memorable time for everyone involved, especially the bride-to-be. Guests should be ready to get funky with awesome music, great food, drinks and everything in between. To shake things up a little, we have put together a list of amazing day activities to include in your hen’s party. Think creative challenges, competitive games, food and drinks as well as plenty of movement to help keep guests engaged. Check it out below. 

1. Horse Riding

Take the girls on an adventure to remember and they will be more than impressed. Horse riding is a great day activity because it gives people the chance to try something new and have some fun along the way. Hit the dusty trail with an expert and do your best to get lost in nature. Get up and personal with a beautiful horse friend and enjoy the day as you spend quality time with your soon to be married friend.

2. Dance Lesson

Get your creativity on and treat the team to a dance lesson. Look for an experienced teacher who knows how to get people moving and having fun to ensure that the day is a total success. You and your guests will love this opportunity and the chance to work together on an awesome routine. It’s sure to leave you laughing for hours. Bonus points if you decide to bust out some of your newly perfected moves at the wedding! 

3. Yoga Class

Stretch away that pre-wedding stress by making some shapes with your body. Attending a yoga class with your friends is a fantastic day activity because it gives everyone a chance to limber up side by side. Let’s not forget the incredible mental benefits either, so relax and unwind with some meditation afterwards for the ultimate hen’s party day experience.

4. Book club

Ask your trusted friends to read a book before the hen’s party and then celebrate the day by sharing your thoughts and impressions on the text. Feel free to choose an old favourite or a well known classic that will appeal to everyone. Book club activities are a great way to get to know your besties on a deeper level. Prepare for an entertaining discussion and plenty of laughs too.  

5. Drinks in an awesome venue

Crack open the champagne and celebrate the next chapter in your friend’s life in style. Head to a classy venue that has plenty of big couches and booths to keep you comfortable. Bubbles, beer and spirits should never be far away, along with plenty of finger food to really make the day a success. Let the good times roll with wicked music and a dance floor to burn some energy off. Get the DJ on the right track by pulling his coat to some of your favourites and you can’t go wrong.   

The Day Done Right

Make a knockout impression on your friends by planning a hen’s party that includes plenty of fantastic day activities. Shake things up with horse riding, a dance lesson, yoga class, book discussion and of course drinks in a top venue. To speak with experienced event planners who can turn all of your hen’s day dreams into a reality, visit today.

The Ultimate Hen Party Playlist


Nothing gets the hens weekend started like a party playlist full of old school classics and yes, some of the cheesiest not-so-guilty, guilty pleasures!

Whether you’re having a hen’s night at home with pyjamas and pizza, or you’re heading out for a wild hen’s night in Melbourne, these party starters are the perfect way to get you and your girlfriends in the good-time mood.

Pour yourself a glass of sparkling and put your dancing shoes on girls.

This playlist is a keeper.

Lady Marmalade - Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya & Pink

If you didn’t singalong to this without knowing what the lyrics meant, did you even live!?  This sexy, seductive song performed by four of the most talented female artists (not to mention the hottest) is the perfect song to put you in the pre-drinking mood.    

Wannabe – Spice Girls

No girlie playlist is complete without a number from the Spice Girls. They’re all about plain old-fashioned girl power, and we absolutely love it. “If you wanna be my lover you gotta get with my friends” -surrounded by your most-loved girlfriends, this tune couldn’t be more fitting.

Milkshake – Kellis

No explanation needed, just add it to the damn playlist. 

I’m Every Woman - Chaka Khan

Well it wouldn’t be a good playlist without this this absolute girl power anthem from Chaka Khan, would it? Sass, all the sass.

 I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) – Whitney Houston

Don’t like this song? We’re not quite sure what to say. We think it’s time you go home and take a long, hard look at yourself.

Like a Virgin – Madonna

If you have people at your hen’s night that don’t like this song, then we suggest you un-invite them. No one deserves that negativity in their life – no one!  

Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – Beyoncé

For all the single ladies at the hen’s party feeling a little down in the dumps because they haven’t yet found the one, this song is the perfect mood booster, every time.  

RESPECT – Aretha Franklin

Yes, Aretha! When we say we want power anthems, we mean we want Aretha. We’re pretty sure everyone has belted out this song once in their life, hairbrush/mic in hand of course.

Whenever, Wherever – Shakira

“Whenever, wherever,

We're meant to be together,

I'll be there and you'll be near,

And that's the deal my dear”

The lyrics just couldn’t be more apt. We’re all for a little bit of belly dancing after five cocktails too.

Dancing Queen – ABBA

Because it wouldn’t be a girlie playlist without everyone in attendance thinking they’re THE dancing Queen.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Cyndi Lauper

This should be the consensus for the whole night. A good-time anthem that everyone loves a good old boogie to, this is one for all ages.

Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

Last but not least, a slightly more emotional song to end the night when you’re all feeling mushy. Simply…  beautiful.

Want to plan your hen’s weekend in Melbourne? We’re here to make all your wild girlie dreams come true! Contact the team of events planners at Hens for more information – it’s time to get this party started, Pink style.

Our Top 4 Instagrammable Hen’s Ideas


While some may opt for a salacious hen’s night that they’d rather not have photographic evidence of, most “brides to be” love to capture each moment of their hens on Instagram.


As the millennial’s answer to the traditional photo-album, be sure your main event is remembered with a unique hashtag and a stunning backdrop that’ll have attendees snapping happy, phone in hand,


Stumped for ideas? Here are our top 4 Instagrammable Hen’s Parties for you and your bevy of besties.


1.     High Tea:

There’s nothing like a high tea celebration to appeal to your party’s sweet side. Mon Bijou offers exquisite packages where you and your gal pals can partake in a tasteful tea with a great selection of tasty savoury and sweet goods, all of which are 100% insta-worthy. You can even turn everything up a notch by adding a mad hatter theme to the occasion. Encourage your guests to arrive in the appropriate garb so that the costumes will be as photogenic as the finger foods. Nothing balances class and a bit of fun like a high tea.


2.     Monochrome:

For a hen’s night that’s sleek, opt for a monochrome theme. The most popular format for monochrome is for the bride to be wearing white while the attendees deck out in their finest little black dress. This not only highlights the focal point of the event (the bride) but also makes the Instagram photos look luxe and sexy.


If black and white aren’t for you, you can go for other combos that work well together. There’s nothing more visually stunning than a whole group of girls wearing a well curated palette. Enjoy snapping.



3.     Bohemian Theme:

For the queen who prefers lush to luxe, a bohemian themed hen’s night is a great way to create a sense of warmth and cordiality. Perfect the aesthetic with cushions, low lighting to create the mood and a spread that’s reminiscent of warm Moroccan nights.


To make the night even more special (and not to mention photo-worthy), make each of your guests sparkle with a series of flower crowns. Not only are these unique pieces lovely when worn but they create a greater sense of closeness and relaxation. The perfect choice for an event that you want to celebrate with your closest female friends.


4.     Wine and food tasting: Show off a bit of flair and culture with an event tailored to those who love the finer things in life. Having a hen’s focused on wine tastings isn’t just exciting for attendees, but a great Instagram piece that ignites curiosity and of course, the residual fomo.


If wines aren’t to your taste, another option could include sampling the world’s most popular cocktails, perhaps even a liqueur tasting event. No matter your poison, we can help you pair your alcoholic beverages with a fine selection of hors d’oeuvres that’ll prove to be a symphony on the palette.



For the perfect Hen’s night to remember, get in touch with our team of event curators at Hens. We’ll help you create a night to remember while you rub shoulders with your guests. No stress, just great memories, both personally and on social media.