5 hens party traditions from around the world


Since Ancient Greek times, celebrating the bride-to-be with one last hurrah is a time-honoured tradition that is carried out around the world even to this day. Originally, the party would take place at the father of the bride’s home, where the mother of the bride, female friends, relatives and slaves would prepare the bride-to-be for her wedding day.

Taking a lock of the brides’ hair, they would give offerings to the goddess Artemis, to thank her for the support in becoming a woman. It’s safe to say the tradition has changed a lot over the years, and there are now many different versions around the world of celebrating the bride-to-be. Here’s 5 hens party traditions that are fun, wild… and a little bit dirty.

How brides-to-be celebrate their future nuptials

Here’s some unusual hens party traditions from around the world (don’t try these at home… or do.)

  1. Blackening of the Bride, Scotland: The bride-to-be sits on the back of a truck, bound, and then her friends take turns to cover her in soot, flour, treacle and feathers. Then, the bride-to-be is paraded noisily around the town until she’s allowed to go home and shower. (We’ll take the Scots’ word for it that this is fun.) The idea behind this is that if she can withstand this, she can withstand anything in the marriage.

  2. Polterabend, Germany: At the rehearsal dinner prior to the wedding, the guests all take turns to break porcelain plates as a symbol of wishing the soon-to-be-married couple good fortune, health and wealth. The more shards of broken pottery, the better luck the couple will have. Guess who cleans up the mess at the end? The couple. 

  3. Crying Ritual, China: A month before the wedding, Tujia brides are encouraged to cry for one hour each day. Ten days into the ritual, the bride’s mother will join her. Then, ten days after that, the bride’s grandmother will join the weeping pair. Eventually, all the female relatives will join the criers. 

  4. Tree Marriage, India: In parts of India, a girl who is born “manglik” is considered cursed. The only way to break the spell is for the girl to marry a banana tree (yes, really.) The tree is then cut down and destroyed, where the curse is broken.

  5. Chick Liver, Mongolia: Before setting a wedding date, the couple must take a knife and together kill and dissect a baby chick, and inspect its liver. If the liver is healthy, the couple can begin to plan their nuptials. However, if the chick’s liver is unfit or sickly, the couple must repeat the process until they find a healthy liver.

Melbourne’s hens party tradition: celebrate at hens.com.au

In Australia, it’s no secret that we love any chance to dress up and hit the town to celebrate the lucky bride-to-be – that’s our tradition. At Hens.com.au, we can make sure your bachelorette party is one your bride won’t forget. Why not drink and dance the night away at any of our glamorous and exclusive hens function rooms in Melbourne? Contact us on (03) 9981 9000 to enquire about how to host an unforgettable party for the bride-to-be.  

Our Ultimate Hen’s Party Treasure Map Challenge


A hen’s party is all about getting loose, having fun and celebrating with your best friends. That’s why we’ve come up with the ultimate fun night out idea to help you do just that. Presenting our ultimate hen’s party treasure map challenge that will have you exploring Melbourne in all of its glory. Expect plenty of food, drinks, entertainment, activities and dancing. Follow the clues below to find out where you’ll end up come the night’s end.

1. Your friend’s house!

Okay, we’re starting things out simple here and recommending that everyone meets at the bride-to-be’s house as a rendezvous point. Why? Because it’s convenient for everyone, or at least the most important person in the group. From here, grab a few warm up drinks and toast to the special lady. There might even be some tasty treats to nibble on as well. Stay tuned for the first clue, which will lead you to…

2. The park!

That’s right. Second base is a trip to the park for a few fun and exciting activities to get everyone in the mood for the wild times that are to come. Prepare for some drinking games based on the classic egg and spoon race, beer pong, truth or dare and more. Make sure there’s a range of drinks on hand, including beer, wine and bubbles so everyone has something to quench their thirst. As for anyone who’s not into alcohol? Lemonade, Coke and Fanta will more than do the trick. Now it’s time for…  

3. The pub!

Things are ramping up here as we ditch the grassy goodness of the great outdoors for the warm comfort of a nearby pup. The reason? To keep the drinks flowing and the awesome times rocking. You’ll want to take advantage of everything that’s on tap to ensure you spend your time wisely and don’t be afraid to try some of the more unusual options too. Think lager, root beer and whatever else tickles your fancy. There’s really no going wrong here, unless you take a wrong turn and miss the next clue, which is towards…

4. A funky bar!

Cash in your cool points at the best bar in town (Melbourne) and spoil your friends to another round or two of drinks. Grab the soon to be married someone a daiquiri and follow suit with your own appropriately flamboyant concoction. The only thing that matters here is that you’re mingling, having fun and maybe even busting out a few well-honed dance moves. Just be sure to save some energy for the next detour via the… 

5. Bowling arcade!

You heard us! We’re going bowling and everyone is invited. Split off into teams and vs your mates or go every woman for herself as you take to the bowling lanes for some wild competition. A word of advice - take it easy on the special lady or she might leave you behind as you head for the final destination, which involves…

6. More, drinks, dancing & fun at an awesome venue!   

Our ultimate hen’s party treasure map challenge ends at one of Melbourne’s premier night spots that is sure to impress the whole squad. We’re talking exquisite drinks, delicious food, lively dance floors and wicked music to keep your celebration going all night long. Get in contact with the team at Hens.com.au today to book a private event space that will cater to all of your hen’s party needs and more. Call us on 03 9981 9000 or send an email to [email protected] for more information about how we can bring your great ideas to life. 

Devilish Food to Serve at Your Hen’s Party


Get naughty, silly and maybe a little bit wild with these devilish food ideas to serve at your hen’s party. Think delectable little mouthfuls that are easy to eat and keep the girls well fuelled for the fun to come. From pizza bites to burger sliders, loaded fries and of course sweet treats, we have got all of your bases covered. Healthy eaters need look away as we are about to reveal our top devilish foods that will make your hen’s party a success.

Pizza bites

Everybody loves pizza. So, add some easy to eat pizza bites to your menu and everyone will be impressed. Choose a variety of types to ensure that everyone’s preferences are well catered for and the crew will forever be in your hands. Include margherita, meat lovers, vegetarian, pepperoni among others for the ultimate fun time. Pizza bites are a perfect menu option at hen’s parties because they taste amazing and create little to no mess. Just have some paper towels or napkins on hand for any greasy fingers that are sure to be left behind!

Burger sliders

Park the monster sized burgers and opt for something a little more appropriate instead. Burger sliders are a favourite finger food and offer all of the flavour and fun of their larger parents. Chicken or beef are popular options when it comes to the patties themselves. Other than that, have plenty of fresh lettuce, tomato, cheese and of course some ace sauces to really top things off. Ask for pineapple for a sweet kick or gherkins for something a little different. Be sure to get in quick as a few trays of these mouth-watering mini burgers won’t last long at all. 

Loaded fries

Take the classic French fry to a new level by loading up with your favourite toppings. Go for melted cheese and gravy (poutine style) or add bacon pieces with BBQ sauce, spring onions, chives and anything else that you can think of. Go even further by adding ground beef, taco seasoning and cheddar for a nacho twist that will leave your best buddies in total heaven. Lock and load with loaded fries that can easily be shared amongst the masses and will keep your guest list in the best of party spirits. 


No one said that this event was going to be healthy. That’s why we strongly advise that you bring out some mouth-watering cake to put the icing on top of what will be a fantastic event. There are no rules when it comes to choosing a dessert, as long as it is totally decadent and truly over the top. You want people to walk away having eaten like royalty and delicious sweet treats are one way to do that and then some.  

Get in touch with the professional party planners at hens.com.au if you want to host the best hen’s party possible. Speak to our team about catering and the devilishly naughty food ideas that can come to life for your function. Give us a call on 03 9981 9000 to chat about how we can help with your needs. 

Outdoor Hen’s Party Ideas That Bring the Fun


Turn the tables and shake things up with these fantastic hen’s party ideas that all take place outdoors. These fun activities will leave you and your gal pals with endless memories to cherish and love for years to come. Read on below to get the lowdown on some unique hen’s party adventures that won’t disappoint. 


Ever been camping? Nope. And we don’t blame you. Glamping, on the other hand, is a fun alternative that comes with none of the sacrifice. You get outdoors and enjoy some quality time with the girls, but you don’t have to give up comfort or your dignity. Time spent glamping, whether it’s a day, night or an extended period, is a wonderful idea because everything that you need is all there waiting for you. Choose a beautiful tent and live like queens in the great outdoors. Explore the native wildlife and checkout all the local scenery that’s on offer. Definitely include this on your list of hen’s party activities and your city slicker friends will be more than grateful.  

Wine tasting

Head to a fantastic winery and let the squad sip their way through a delectable menu of local wines. Wineries are a good idea for hen’s parties because there’s plenty of drinks on offer and also some breathtaking views. Pick a warm season to get plenty of sun or opt for a more wintery affair and bring plenty of warm clothes. Wine tasting at a winery will definitely bring your inner party animal out and keep everyone’s spirits high. Be sure to think about transportation and get some carpooling going or hire a bus to ensure that everyone gets home again in one piece.  

Lunch on the water

Grab the crew and get ready for a day of fantastic eating as you celebrate along the water. Get everyone to pitch in and hire a boat for the day that includes everything that you need for a great time. Think fresh produce, an awesome menu plus a talented chef who really knows what they are doing. Don’t forget to bring aboard plenty of fun drinks and some banging music to keep everyone primed for some dancing fun. Lunch on the water is one way to ensure that you and your friends are totally entertained while enjoying time outdoors.   

Keep the party going well after the sun goes down…

Getting outdoors is a great idea to blow off steam with your girlfriends when it comes to sending your soon to be married friend off with a bang. However, once the formal activities have come to an end, it’s always fun to head indoors to keep the fun going well into the night. Not sure how to do that? Well, get in touch with the team at hens.com.au and chat to one of our expert staff. We can help you to throw a wild event at a unique venue that includes drinks, food, entertainment and so much more.

Top Up Your Hen’s Party Fun With These Awesome Drinks


Everyone knows that a hen’s party is the chance for the bride-to-be to let her hair down and party for the last time. That’s why it’s important to bring plenty of wicked drinks that will keep everyone in the mood to get wild, have fun and celebrate like never before. Stuck for ideas? Sit back and read on as we top up your hen’s party fun with these drink ideas. 


It goes without saying that sparkling wine is an integral ingredient for any hen’s party. Think about it, you’ll be there with all of your best gal pals getting wild, dancing to some awesome music and generally living it up like never before. So be sure to keep everyone feeling their best with some quality sparkling wine and champagne that brings the fun as much as it does the bubbles. Use as a toast for the soon-to-be-married special someone or keep your glass full just because it’s so much fun. 

Beer & cider

Beer isn’t just for the guys and cider is heaps of fun. Get the jugs out and let the crazy times begin with some delicious craft beer and fruity cider that will offer endless flavour to the whole crew. Try something unique like a taco and lolly inspired beer or really mix things up with a mussel and oyster brewed beer straight from Tasmania. As for the ciders? Go for classic apple, pear and maybe even raspberry or watermelon for a different note of flavour. A few cold bottles of cider and beer should never be out of reach at a hen’s night celebration.  


Every hen’s party needs a guestlist and a wine list to match. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a unique wine option for each friend, but it does mean that you need to have plenty of red and white wine on hand so that every glass is full of something delicious. There’s no going wrong with popular choices such as merlot, Shiraz, pinot noir, Riesling and sav blanc. Be sure to hire some attentive waiters to keep everyone well lubricated for the ensuing fun.


You know it’s time to ramp up the celebration when the cocktails come out. We recommend having a few options included on the drinks menu to ensure that everyone of your guests are satisfied. Be sure to include the mojito, margarita, bloody mary plus one or two special items that are sure to stand out. Tip the bartender to make you an awesome cocktail and the fun will be headed your way all night long. 

Alcoholic Spiders

The last member of our list brings plenty of craziness to the scene. Choose your favourite soft drink, add a generous scoop of ice cream plus a shot (or two) of a classy spirit and watch as the bubbles rise up to greet you! Alcoholic spiders are a classic party drink and will definitely be at home on the drinks list for your hen’s night. Not sure what the best combo is? Let your friends decide and you be the judge. 

Speak to the team at hens.com.au if you are looking to host the ultimate hen’s party celebration for your close friend. Our expert event planners have experience throwing all types of functions and can help to bring your fun drink list and party ideas to life. Contact us today by calling 03 9981 9000 or sending an email to [email protected].

Hen’s Nights Vs Bridal Showers: What’s the Difference?


So, your best friend is about to get married and it’s time to wish her a bon voyage as she embarks upon the next chapter of her life. But how do you send her off in style? With an awesome celebration! Choose between a wild and raucous hen’s night that is destined to be fun or a relaxed and intimate bridal shower that is ideal for friends and family. Read on below as we dissect the key differences between the famed hen’s night and the tamed bridal shower.

The Hen’s Night

Everyone knows what the go is when it comes to a hen’s night, or at least has an idea of what the objective is – and that’s to have fun! The name of the game is to drink, dance, laugh and celebrate in true style as you acknowledge your friend’s last free night as an unmarried woman. 

The vibe:

It’s important to establish an appropriate mood from the outset, so let everyone know that there’ll be plenty of crazy party antics to come. Start things out with some awesome cocktails and be sure to keep everyone’s glass full throughout the night. Encourage the girls to let their hair down and party like never before because this may be their last chance! Add a wide array of naughty and silly toys in the form of straws, balloons and lollipops plus any other hilarious items too. 

Planning activities & entertainment:

This is not the time to be sensible. Fun activities and games are king (or queen) at a hen’s night and for good reason. Play truth or dare and add some drinking penalties to anyone who fails to spill the dirt. Ensure that there are a few scantily clad male entertainers around to help the girls loosen up and to add plenty of excitement. Think topless waiters or strippers that bring the heat. Other than that, you’ll want to have a great DJ putting up the tunes, so everyone feels like getting down on the dance floor.  

The Bridal Shower

Think less dancing on tables and a little more class and elegance. A bridal shower is a memorable occasion that is meant to be a celebration for your soon to be married friend that doesn’t come with a hangover. It will usually have a more relaxed atmosphere which means family will be comfortable attending too. 

The atmosphere:

Remember that these events are different from your loud and boisterous hen’s nights. Often, they’ll be hosted during the day at the bride’s home, which already brings an element of decorum. Dress codes aren’t strict but it’s always a good idea to keep it somewhat classy. Have some fun with your outfit and ask around beforehand to see what everyone is planning to wear.  

Food & drinks:

High teas are common for bridal showers, so you’ll want to serve delicious tea and food that acts as an appropriate accompaniment. This could be cute cakes and sweets, along with pastries and other homely treats. Champagne wouldn’t be out of place here either, and it’s not uncommon to bring a gift, although this is totally optional. 

Our verdict

There’s no going wrong when it comes to throwing a wonderful celebration for your close friend. Whether a fun filled hen’s night that is as rowdy as anything, or a comfortable and relaxed bridal shower that is intimate and cosy, you’ll want to make an effort to get things right. If you need help with hosting an event that is sure to hit all of the right notes, then get in touch with the friendly team at hens.com.au. Our expert event planners can work with you to bring all of your wild ideas to life.

Rewind Your Hen’s Night With These Fab Ideas


We are taking you back in time to bring out the fun for your next hen’s night. Expect a vintage theme that packs plenty of punch and encourages guests to dress up in their finest old-school outfits. Satisfy your sweet tooth and hone your creative skills with cake decorating. Get mobile with a swing dance lesson that the girls will love and don’t forget to include plenty of vintage cocktails that are sure to be a major hit. Rewind your hen’s night with us and there won’t be room for disappointment. 

Downton Abbey theme

First things first. Get the girls to glam up for a Downton Abbey affair that will last the ages, and everyone will be in for a world of fun. Grab your finest dresses, frocks, gowns and everything in between as you prepare for a hen’s night of frivolous fun and hilarious fashion. Dress as your favourite characters from the widely popular tv show or set your own standard with bright and colourful clothing ideas that make a true statement. Be sure to have a hat or headpiece to match and your Downton Abbey themed hen’s night will be off to a great start. 

Swing dance lesson

Burn off some of that excitement (and maybe the nerves too) with some physical activity. But don’t worry, because we aren’t talking about boot camp. Hire a handsome swing dance teacher and have him thrill the girls with some amazing moves. You’ll love the classic music options available and of course the routines that are a bag of laughs to try and learn. Swing dance lessons will get everyone up and off their feet as they get into the groove for untold fun and endless memories. 

Cake decorating

Had your fair share of dancing? Grab a slice of cake! Get decorating with the team at your hen’s night and then enjoy a delicious feast of beautiful treats that will tempt even the healthiest of eaters. Cake decorating is a fun way to get social with your guests and will teach you some handy kitchen skills too. Look for advice from a friendly dessert pro or go it alone and trust the expertise and knowledge of your best buddies. Either way, you’ll be in for a world of fun and this is why cake decorating should definitely be included in your hen’s party itinerary. 

Stay classy with vintage cocktails 

Keep the drinks flowing with a selection of vintage cocktails. Look for bright and delicious concoctions like the Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, White Russian, Corpse Reviver, Whiskey Sour and more. These delectable menu options taste as good as they look and will definitely have the squad in the proper spirit to party well into the night. Definitely do your best to try a wide range and be sure to let us know which one takes your pick for best vintage cocktail. And we nearly forgot! Grab an old fashioned from the bartender to truly rewind your hen’s night and make it one to remember.        

If you are looking to throw a hen’s night that hits all of the right spots but are stuck for ideas, then get in touch with the expert team at hens.com.au. We offer an exceptional party experience across the board and can help to bring your dream ideas to life. Call us today on 03 9981 9000 to chat about our wonderful venue hire options and more.

Cheap, Colourful & Crazy Hen’s Accessories for Your Party


Spread the awesomeness at your hen’s party by bringing colour, craziness and fun. Every bride-to-be deserves to go out with a bang and we have the perfect accessories to help her do just that. We are talking everything from wild balloons to willy shaped lollies, giant lipsticks, elaborate headpieces and so much more. Be sure to pack these essential party starters and your hen’s night will definitely be one to remember. 

Naughty balloons

Yep, you heard correct. Naughty pecker shaped balloons should be at the top of your list and the girls will love you for them. Have plenty of different colours on hand along with a variety of shapes and sizes to add even more hilariousness to the proceedings. Make a competition of who can collect the most of these inflatable bad boys and celebrate the winner with plenty of refills.

Giant lipstick

We get it. Not everyone has time to get glammed up for the special occasion, so it’s always a good idea to bring some extra makeup supplies just in case. So, pass the giant red lipstick around and help everyone look the best that they can. Take turns applying beautiful shades to all of the willing participants or use your skills on some of the balloons that are sure to be floating nearby. 

Wicked lollies

Indulge your sweet tooth by including a range of sugary snacks that represent the male form in all it’s natural glory. Willy shaped lollipops, penis gummy bears and sexy jelly men should be a staple ingredient throughout the night and will keep the girls fuelled and energised for everything to come. Bonus points if you present some goodie bags with a generous serving of the above to each attendee.    

Boob candles

Who says that you have to play it safe when it comes to decorating an epic cake? Well and truly put the icing on top with a hilarious pair of boob candles that are sure to provide endless entertainment. Get the hen in question to blow out these special candles and all of her marriage wishes will come true. Boob candles are a sight to behold and should accompany every hen’s celebration to maximise the fun factor.

Fun headpieces

Crown the princess in a gorgeous tiara and let her enjoy the night in style. Look for something that glistens and sits perfectly atop a stunning outfit. Don’t forget to include options for the bridal party and of course everyone else too. Take advantage of the situation and snap plenty of photos with the squad, so you’ll always have something to look back on with fond memories.

The perfect space to celebrate

Be sure to combine the above accessories with a fantastic function space that is perfect for hen’s night celebrations. The team at hens.com.au are experts in throwing wicked parties and can help you to plan a celebration that leaves a lasting impression. Get in touch with our friendly event planners and let’s chat about how we can bring your ideas to life.