Top Up Your Hen’s Party Fun With These Awesome Drinks


Everyone knows that a hen’s party is the chance for the bride-to-be to let her hair down and party for the last time. That’s why it’s important to bring plenty of wicked drinks that will keep everyone in the mood to get wild, have fun and celebrate like never before. Stuck for ideas? Sit back and read on as we top up your hen’s party fun with these drink ideas. 


It goes without saying that sparkling wine is an integral ingredient for any hen’s party. Think about it, you’ll be there with all of your best gal pals getting wild, dancing to some awesome music and generally living it up like never before. So be sure to keep everyone feeling their best with some quality sparkling wine and champagne that brings the fun as much as it does the bubbles. Use as a toast for the soon-to-be-married special someone or keep your glass full just because it’s so much fun. 

Beer & cider

Beer isn’t just for the guys and cider is heaps of fun. Get the jugs out and let the crazy times begin with some delicious craft beer and fruity cider that will offer endless flavour to the whole crew. Try something unique like a taco and lolly inspired beer or really mix things up with a mussel and oyster brewed beer straight from Tasmania. As for the ciders? Go for classic apple, pear and maybe even raspberry or watermelon for a different note of flavour. A few cold bottles of cider and beer should never be out of reach at a hen’s night celebration.  


Every hen’s party needs a guestlist and a wine list to match. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to have a unique wine option for each friend, but it does mean that you need to have plenty of red and white wine on hand so that every glass is full of something delicious. There’s no going wrong with popular choices such as merlot, Shiraz, pinot noir, Riesling and sav blanc. Be sure to hire some attentive waiters to keep everyone well lubricated for the ensuing fun.


You know it’s time to ramp up the celebration when the cocktails come out. We recommend having a few options included on the drinks menu to ensure that everyone of your guests are satisfied. Be sure to include the mojito, margarita, bloody mary plus one or two special items that are sure to stand out. Tip the bartender to make you an awesome cocktail and the fun will be headed your way all night long. 

Alcoholic Spiders

The last member of our list brings plenty of craziness to the scene. Choose your favourite soft drink, add a generous scoop of ice cream plus a shot (or two) of a classy spirit and watch as the bubbles rise up to greet you! Alcoholic spiders are a classic party drink and will definitely be at home on the drinks list for your hen’s night. Not sure what the best combo is? Let your friends decide and you be the judge. 

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