Fun Ways to Arrive at a Hen’s Night


Fun Ways to Arrive at a Hen’s Night

Excited for the hen’s night but sure how to get there? We’ve got you covered! Ditch the pumpkin coach and opt for something slightly more practical, but just as fun. From extravagant limousines, to vintage cars, UberPool and everything in between, stick with us and you won’t be led astray. Always plan your mode of transport well in advance to ensure that you have the best possible experience. Read on below to find out more about our fun tips on how to arrive at a Hen’s night. 

Hire a limousine

Get fancy and hire a limousine for an unforgettable time. Picture yourself and your closest friends living it up in style as you make your way to the hen’s party for a night of wild adventure. Bubbles will be flowing as you take advantage of your own minibar to keep everyone well refreshed. Tell your driver to take the long way because the experience will be one to savour. If that’s not enough, turn the tunes up and rock out to some of your favourite songs. Bonus points if you put the windows down and invite the outside world to listen too.  

Grab a lift in a vintage car

Maybe you have a friend who owns an awesome hot rod. Or perhaps a family member has access to a vintage car that is sitting in a garage, waiting for the right occasion. Either way, put your thinking cap on and start brainstorming who might have what and see if you can’t bargain with them for a lift to the big event. Grab a few buddies and enjoy a fantastic trip as you show your glam wheels off in the city streets en route to your hen’s night. Fasten the seatbelts and let the DJ play that funky tune the whole way there.


It may not be as classy, but it’s certainly still fun. UberPool is a great way to get to a hen’s night and will ensure plenty of laughs along the way. Get frocked up in your finest hen’s night outfit and be prepared to meet some new people and maybe even make a few new friends. Looking fabulous is always a good conversation starter, and maybe your passengers will have some soon-to-be-married wisdom of their own to share. The best part? UberPool won’t hurt your back pocket!

Public transport

Who said that you can’t jump on a train or catch a tram? A hen’s night is a unique experience and getting public transport can certainly add to that. Be sure to top up your Miki and everything will be smooth sailing. It always helps if the hen’s venue is near to a train station or bus stop, so be smart and do a bit of planning to make sure you aren’t left stranded on the way there. 

Home & back again

Always organise your mode of transport well in advance so that you can have a wonderful hen’s night celebration that is remembered for many years to come. Look for a venue that is accommodating of your needs and can bring all of your dream ideas to life. If you need help booking a function space or assistance planning a standout hen’s night, then speak with the team at Our dedicated team will create a wild and magical experience just for you.