Hen’s Nights Vs Bridal Showers: What’s the Difference?


So, your best friend is about to get married and it’s time to wish her a bon voyage as she embarks upon the next chapter of her life. But how do you send her off in style? With an awesome celebration! Choose between a wild and raucous hen’s night that is destined to be fun or a relaxed and intimate bridal shower that is ideal for friends and family. Read on below as we dissect the key differences between the famed hen’s night and the tamed bridal shower.

The Hen’s Night

Everyone knows what the go is when it comes to a hen’s night, or at least has an idea of what the objective is – and that’s to have fun! The name of the game is to drink, dance, laugh and celebrate in true style as you acknowledge your friend’s last free night as an unmarried woman. 

The vibe:

It’s important to establish an appropriate mood from the outset, so let everyone know that there’ll be plenty of crazy party antics to come. Start things out with some awesome cocktails and be sure to keep everyone’s glass full throughout the night. Encourage the girls to let their hair down and party like never before because this may be their last chance! Add a wide array of naughty and silly toys in the form of straws, balloons and lollipops plus any other hilarious items too. 

Planning activities & entertainment:

This is not the time to be sensible. Fun activities and games are king (or queen) at a hen’s night and for good reason. Play truth or dare and add some drinking penalties to anyone who fails to spill the dirt. Ensure that there are a few scantily clad male entertainers around to help the girls loosen up and to add plenty of excitement. Think topless waiters or strippers that bring the heat. Other than that, you’ll want to have a great DJ putting up the tunes, so everyone feels like getting down on the dance floor.  

The Bridal Shower

Think less dancing on tables and a little more class and elegance. A bridal shower is a memorable occasion that is meant to be a celebration for your soon to be married friend that doesn’t come with a hangover. It will usually have a more relaxed atmosphere which means family will be comfortable attending too. 

The atmosphere:

Remember that these events are different from your loud and boisterous hen’s nights. Often, they’ll be hosted during the day at the bride’s home, which already brings an element of decorum. Dress codes aren’t strict but it’s always a good idea to keep it somewhat classy. Have some fun with your outfit and ask around beforehand to see what everyone is planning to wear.  

Food & drinks:

High teas are common for bridal showers, so you’ll want to serve delicious tea and food that acts as an appropriate accompaniment. This could be cute cakes and sweets, along with pastries and other homely treats. Champagne wouldn’t be out of place here either, and it’s not uncommon to bring a gift, although this is totally optional. 

Our verdict

There’s no going wrong when it comes to throwing a wonderful celebration for your close friend. Whether a fun filled hen’s night that is as rowdy as anything, or a comfortable and relaxed bridal shower that is intimate and cosy, you’ll want to make an effort to get things right. If you need help with hosting an event that is sure to hit all of the right notes, then get in touch with the friendly team at hens.com.au. Our expert event planners can work with you to bring all of your wild ideas to life.