Cheap, Colourful & Crazy Hen’s Accessories for Your Party


Spread the awesomeness at your hen’s party by bringing colour, craziness and fun. Every bride-to-be deserves to go out with a bang and we have the perfect accessories to help her do just that. We are talking everything from wild balloons to willy shaped lollies, giant lipsticks, elaborate headpieces and so much more. Be sure to pack these essential party starters and your hen’s night will definitely be one to remember. 

Naughty balloons

Yep, you heard correct. Naughty pecker shaped balloons should be at the top of your list and the girls will love you for them. Have plenty of different colours on hand along with a variety of shapes and sizes to add even more hilariousness to the proceedings. Make a competition of who can collect the most of these inflatable bad boys and celebrate the winner with plenty of refills.

Giant lipstick

We get it. Not everyone has time to get glammed up for the special occasion, so it’s always a good idea to bring some extra makeup supplies just in case. So, pass the giant red lipstick around and help everyone look the best that they can. Take turns applying beautiful shades to all of the willing participants or use your skills on some of the balloons that are sure to be floating nearby. 

Wicked lollies

Indulge your sweet tooth by including a range of sugary snacks that represent the male form in all it’s natural glory. Willy shaped lollipops, penis gummy bears and sexy jelly men should be a staple ingredient throughout the night and will keep the girls fuelled and energised for everything to come. Bonus points if you present some goodie bags with a generous serving of the above to each attendee.    

Boob candles

Who says that you have to play it safe when it comes to decorating an epic cake? Well and truly put the icing on top with a hilarious pair of boob candles that are sure to provide endless entertainment. Get the hen in question to blow out these special candles and all of her marriage wishes will come true. Boob candles are a sight to behold and should accompany every hen’s celebration to maximise the fun factor.

Fun headpieces

Crown the princess in a gorgeous tiara and let her enjoy the night in style. Look for something that glistens and sits perfectly atop a stunning outfit. Don’t forget to include options for the bridal party and of course everyone else too. Take advantage of the situation and snap plenty of photos with the squad, so you’ll always have something to look back on with fond memories.

The perfect space to celebrate

Be sure to combine the above accessories with a fantastic function space that is perfect for hen’s night celebrations. The team at are experts in throwing wicked parties and can help you to plan a celebration that leaves a lasting impression. Get in touch with our friendly event planners and let’s chat about how we can bring your ideas to life.