Rewind Your Hen’s Night With These Fab Ideas


We are taking you back in time to bring out the fun for your next hen’s night. Expect a vintage theme that packs plenty of punch and encourages guests to dress up in their finest old-school outfits. Satisfy your sweet tooth and hone your creative skills with cake decorating. Get mobile with a swing dance lesson that the girls will love and don’t forget to include plenty of vintage cocktails that are sure to be a major hit. Rewind your hen’s night with us and there won’t be room for disappointment. 

Downton Abbey theme

First things first. Get the girls to glam up for a Downton Abbey affair that will last the ages, and everyone will be in for a world of fun. Grab your finest dresses, frocks, gowns and everything in between as you prepare for a hen’s night of frivolous fun and hilarious fashion. Dress as your favourite characters from the widely popular tv show or set your own standard with bright and colourful clothing ideas that make a true statement. Be sure to have a hat or headpiece to match and your Downton Abbey themed hen’s night will be off to a great start. 

Swing dance lesson

Burn off some of that excitement (and maybe the nerves too) with some physical activity. But don’t worry, because we aren’t talking about boot camp. Hire a handsome swing dance teacher and have him thrill the girls with some amazing moves. You’ll love the classic music options available and of course the routines that are a bag of laughs to try and learn. Swing dance lessons will get everyone up and off their feet as they get into the groove for untold fun and endless memories. 

Cake decorating

Had your fair share of dancing? Grab a slice of cake! Get decorating with the team at your hen’s night and then enjoy a delicious feast of beautiful treats that will tempt even the healthiest of eaters. Cake decorating is a fun way to get social with your guests and will teach you some handy kitchen skills too. Look for advice from a friendly dessert pro or go it alone and trust the expertise and knowledge of your best buddies. Either way, you’ll be in for a world of fun and this is why cake decorating should definitely be included in your hen’s party itinerary. 

Stay classy with vintage cocktails 

Keep the drinks flowing with a selection of vintage cocktails. Look for bright and delicious concoctions like the Daiquiri, Bloody Mary, White Russian, Corpse Reviver, Whiskey Sour and more. These delectable menu options taste as good as they look and will definitely have the squad in the proper spirit to party well into the night. Definitely do your best to try a wide range and be sure to let us know which one takes your pick for best vintage cocktail. And we nearly forgot! Grab an old fashioned from the bartender to truly rewind your hen’s night and make it one to remember.        

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