How to `Propose’ to Your Bridesmaids

So, the love of your life popped the questions and of course you said yes. You’ve got the love of your life, that gorgeous ring on your finger and you’re happily looking forward to the most exciting day of your life.

There’s only one thing left to do and that’s to enlist the help of your most trusted, the people that have been there for you through every messy breakup, drunken nights of partying, and from the moment you met the love of your life – it’s time to make your bridesmaids official!

Make them feel just as special as they are to you with these cute and creative ways of ‘proposing’ the bridesmaid question to them.

Faux-Gift Box

It’s not every day that you ask your girlfriend to be your bridesmaids, and we’re pretty sure you don’t turn up to brunch with gift boxes every Saturday… BUT giving them a small gift box with a secret pull-out message is a great way of popping the question. Faux-gift boxes are misleading and will certainly make the moment more exciting.

A Message in a Bottle

If you’re planning a destination wedding, what better way of asking your girls to join you than by giving them a message in a bottle? Packed with sand (effort but since we’re in Australia, not too much of an effort), enclose a small note with the all-important question written on it.

Create a Scrapbook

Although it’ll take a little bit of effort, why not create a personal scrapbook for each of your future bridesmaids, packed with special moments from your friendship over the years. From your first girls’ holiday and your school formal to your 18th birthday parties and drunken nights out, get the tissues ready because the tears are certainly going to be flowing.

A Scratch Card

Give your girlfriends a personalised scratch card and write a sweet and personal message for each maid-to-be. Since it’s not every day that your friend hands you a scratch card, it’ll be a real surprise when they scratch it to reveal the message. Quirky and cute, what’s not to love?

A Personalised Necklace

A simple initial necklace is the perfect gift to give to your favourite girls before the big day. Not only will they be able to treasure it forever, but they can even wear it on your big day – if it matches the dresses of course. Be sure to pick either gold or silver depending on your friend’s skin tone, after all you want them to wear it and love it just as much as you love them!

Last but not least…

Now that you’ve officially got your bridal brigade sorted, it’s time to start planning your all-important classy hens night in Melbourne! From VIP booths to private rooms and hens night dinner packages, there’s something for every kind of bride with Hens. We’ll help you organise everything from transport (limo, please) to a high tea hen’s night of Instagram dreams.

Get in touch with our expert party planners on 03 9981 9000 or email us at [email protected] Alternatively you can fill out an online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Hens Party Basics


As a woman, there’s often only two things that we look forward to more than the big day itself (besides spending the rest of our lives with the love of our life, of course…!), and that’s the dress (obviously) and the hen’s night with our girlfriends.

Now, we’ve spent a lot of time giving you unique hens night ideas in Melbourne, from modern day activities like painting and even setting sail on a yacht, to delicious high teas that every one of every age will enjoy - BUT, what about the basics?

The plain old fashioned, raucous, hen’s nights that are all about games, embarrassing photos, risqué party favours and lots of laughs.

Can we interest you in a slideshow of the brides most embarrassing photos and a cheeky game of Mr and Mrs?

Keep reading for the ultimate hen’s night basics that’ll have you thinking “wow, my best friend really is getting married!”.

The Mr & Mrs Quiz

A CLASSIC hens party drinking game, the Mr & Mrs quiz or in other words, getting the bride a little bit tipsy. The rules are simple – choose around 20 questions about the bride and groom, including their likes, dislikes, and even the things they like about each other and ask the bride-to-be on the hen’s night. For every question she answers wrong, she has to down a shot. Fireball at the ready.

Embarrassing Slideshow or Speech

If you’ve got access to a screen or a projector, showing old videos of the bride as a baby right through to her goofy teenage years, up until now, is both a funny and heart-warming touch to add to the evening. Well, it wouldn’t be a hen’s night without digging up old photos of the soon-to-be wife at her formal with a questionable hairstyle would it? If you’re unable to show anything, a good old-fashioned speech is certainly just as special.

Fun Party Favours…

We get it, not everyone is in to drinking their G&T from a penis straw, getting showered in phallic shaped confetti or wearing a bright pink sash that says, ‘Bride To be’. HOWEVER, if you know that your hen is all about the lols *and the attention*, then some silly party favours, decorations and games aren’t hurting anyone! Although these hens party trends aren’t loved by everyone, if the bride wants to wear a fluffy tiara to the club, then who says she can’t?

Dress Code Theme

An oldie but a goldie is the themed dress code. Want the bride to stand out and feel special? Tell the guests to dress in all black attire, and you guessed it, the hen should come dressed in a completely white ensemble. Wifey vibes. This way, whether you head to the club or book a private booth in a venue, the bride-to-be will stand out and gain all the attention she deserves. After all, it’s all about the bride!

If you’re planning a bachelorette party in Melbourne and you’re looking for hen’s night packages, venues or anything else, the team at Hens have got you covered. Simply give our events team a ring on 03 9981 9000, fill out an online form or email us on [email protected]  

Hen Parties for the Older Bride-to-be!


Whether you’re looking for hens night dinner ideas or hens night packages in Melbourne for

the older or second-time bride, or you’ve invited some of your older relatives and friends to celebrate the night with you, we’ve got a number of ideas and activities that are quite simply, perfect!   

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that the older ladies can’t party with the rest of us, but instead of stressing out trying to organise traditional hens night activities, we’ve got a number of ideas that’ll promise you all have a great time, no matter what.

Wine Tasting

Just because the bride-to-be and her hens are a little older, that doesn’t mean that your group of hens aren’t going to want a drink, or two, or ten! If your group of girls are lovers of fine wines and all things exquisite, why not head to a wine tasting day where you’ll learn a little about learn about champagne, wines and get to taste them all! That’s right,

Private Spa Hire

Rid yourself of toxins and massage the stresses away before the big day comes around by opting for a private spa session. Depending on where you’re headed, treat yourself and the ladies to a champagne reception with delicious canapés for your group to feast on, whilst you await your facial and massages. Our favourite part? Find a spa with an outdoor thermal pool for the ultimate experience.   

Private Dining

Picture a dinner party with all of your favourite people, but in a beautiful setting, being waited on by attentive staff. Going for a private dining option allows you to make the whole venue your own, from beautiful centrepieces to décor around the room, it’s totally up to you. At Hens, we offer bespoke hens dinner packages brought to you by world-famous chefs and cocktails from the city’s best mixologists. The best part about going private? You can play fun games and talk about whatever you want without anyone else hearing a thing – cheeky, cheeky!

A Boat Cruise

Boat cruises provide the ultimate lady of leisure vibes. As an older bride-to-be, enjoy the glamorous experience with your girls and pop open the champers to celebrate. Water is actually known to have relaxing properties which is totally what you need before the big day. It’s time to channel your inner Bridget Bardot and be the glamour puss you deserve to be. Sun hat, oversized sunnies, a floral maxi dress and you’re on to a winning combo - we can see it now!

No matter what kind of hens night you’re looking to organise, we’ve got you covered. From a high tea to even organising your hens night transport in Melbourne, allow the team at Hens to take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy your last night of freedom!

Unique Hens Night Ideas with a Difference


Leave the strippers alone, take that bridal tiara off, and put the penis straws down – you’ve got an alternative hens night to plan that’s going to blow the whole bridal party out of the water! AND, we’re going to help you do exactly that.

After all, who wants to go to another hens night like one they’ve already been to time and time again? And to the bride-to-be, do you really want to a bright pink sash to ruin your cute outfit? Definitely not. 

Now, we’re not saying that there’s something wrong with themed party favours, after all, hens nights and activities are all about having fun, and lots of it. But for those looking for hens party day activities that are a little different, we’ve got the goods that the bride-to-be will love.

Cork & Canvas

If you’re looking for fun and create hens day activities in Melbourne, it doesn’t get much better than this. The guys at Cork & Canvas know how throw a party (well, a crafty one). Head down to their South Melbourne studio and indulge in a painting class, champagne and lots of laughs. Their artists will guide you as you create your very own masterpiece, Picasso style. Even better, it’s BYOB and nibbles. Cheese board and glass of prosecco, please?

Wine Compass

The beautiful green heels of Yarra Valley produce some of the most exquisite wines, and don’t we know it. Take a time out from wedding planning with a much-deserved wine break and enjoy the tour across the beautiful Yarra Valley. The team will you organise the best spots in Victoria’s winery region, leaving you and the girls to sit back, relax, and have a glass… or 10.

Mon Bijou

Not everyone enjoys raucous nights of partying until the early hours, but everyone loves a high tea right? Choose the Parisian inspired opaque glass booth Mon Bijou, a penthouse venue with 360 views of Melbourne’s incredible skyline for the ultimate hens party experience in Melbourne. With a lantern lined red carpet entrance, it doesn’t get more special than this. Expect a delectable symphony of pastries, savories and delicious tea. Fancy something a little stronger? Fraise de Rum cocktail, coming right up.  

Kayak Melbourne

Send her off in style, quite literally… down the Yarra River! Choose between a day kayak tour and a moonlight kayak tour, and experience the beauty of the city, and the incredible sites that Melbourne has to offer. Expect a tasty fish and chip dinner after the moonlight tour and head to your favourite cocktail bar after. With views of the iconic Polly Woodside Tallship, followed by South Wharf, the Docklands precinct and then the incredible Yarra’s Edge Marina, this is a hens day she won’t forget.

So ladies, like we said - keep the penis straws and strippers at bay, the team at Hens have got you covered! 

The Classiest Hens Party Day Activities


When it comes to planning your hen’s night in Melbourne, the options are pretty endless.

From mysterious hidden bars on cobbled streets, to a delicious high tea on a rooftop bar, it’s safe to say that if you want a classy hens night, that you shall have! 

Although certain shaped party favours work for so, they aren’t on the checklist for brides that are hoping for a slightly more reserved affair… 

High Tea with a View

 For a modern twist on the classic hen’s night out, celebrate like a Queen in a private penthouse space at Mon Bijou. Dust off your favourite heels, find your cutest floral number, and get ready for the ultimate classy hens party in Melbourne. A little thirsty? Think Veuve Clicquot champagne, exceptional wines, and our expertly crafted cocktails by an in-house mixologist. The attentive staff will then bring out a delicious spread of finger sandwiches, freshly baked pastries and petit fours.

 Set against the beautiful 270-degree view of Melbourne’s skyline, could it get more elegant than this?

 Sex & The City Style Lunch (Minus Mr Big)

If high tea isn’t really your thing, why not plan a late lunch for your bridal gang. Just like Carrie and her girls did every week in SATC, it’s all about delicious food and lots of cocktails. For the ladies who lunch (or brunch), head to one of your favourite venues with an insta-worthy backdrop and your favourite mini sliders, oysters and more. Head to Mon Bijou for a luncheon of dreams, and cocktails. Lots of them.

The team can work with florists and staging stylists to style your special occasion exactly how you like it. Contact the team for hen’s night packages that’ll be worth the Instagram post, that’s for sure. 

A Cute Weekend Getaway

Celebrate the brides last weekend of freedom (and her upcoming nuptials!), by booking a large house for all of the hen’s party. From a beautiful coastal house in Sorrento to a cute cottage in Yarra Valley, there are SO many options surrounding Melbourne. Decorate the house with balloons and presents before the brides’ arrival, and stock the boot with her favourite food, drinks and deserts.

For a particularly cute evening to remember, plan for home cooked meals and cheese sharing platters that you can all indulge in whilst you gossip and reminisce over past memories.

Talk to an Expert

If you’re planning your own hens party in Melbourne or you’re part of the bridal squad aiming to surprise the Bride but can’t make up your mind, chat to an expert at Hens. Simply call us on 03 9981 9000 or fill out an online enquiry form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Our team of professional party planners can help you plan both day activities or a hen’s night to remember – whatever you want, we’ll help you achieve.

Planning the Ultimate Hen’s Night


Gather your girls! 

Every hen’s night is a deliciously devious opportunity for one last “hurrah”. While some call it the last night of freedom, we call it the celebration of a new chapter. So, do it in style and make sure your event is one to remember.

Preparation is key and whether you’re the Mother of the Bride or the Maid of Honour, follow our guide to ensure the bride-to-be has a smile on her face all evening.

The Glam Squad

Put your best faces forward on the night by arranging a hair and makeup team that can glam up your group of excited ladies. When you look amazing, you feel amazing. You’re sure to get some stares from everyone else at the bar, so knock ‘em dead with looks to kill.

You should be able to find affordable and skilled makeup artists and hair dressers that offer hen’s party packages, so let them paint your face while you sip on sparkling.

The Place to Be

Location is everything – so take your girls to some of the best spots to be seen. Find glamorous function rooms in Melbourne to sit amongst luxury and act like the A-lister celebrities you were meant to be. For Instagram-perfect pics, you’ll need a larger than life space that’s just the right amount of fancy and flashy. 

Please the entire group and make sure your function room has the areas to snack, gossip and dance.

The Extra Touch

This is your opportunity to do something a little different. Before you head to the bar, why not find a unique activity that caters to your group’s personality? There’s heaps to do around Melbourne – and it doesn’t just involve male strippers!

Some cool ideas include getting artistic at a live drawing class, relaxing at a day spa, pumping adrenaline at paint-balling or shaking it at a cocktail masterclass. You could choose an activity you know the bride-to-be loves or explore something none of you have done before. Afterwards, you’ll all be thrilled to get to the bar and enjoy some espresso martinis.

Somewhere to Crash

If some of your girls have travelled to get involved in the festivities, you may need to arrange a hotel so they can rest their heads once the excitement is over. Look for something nearby so the Uber ride isn’t too costly, and it should be easy to find something central that’s in your budget. A cute hotel doubles up as the perfect pre-drinking and getting ready spot, too.

Follow our tips (and drink responsibly!) to truly out-do the rival bucks party and show the boys that girls have all the fun!

Plan a Hens Night That the Bride & Whole Bridal Squad Will Love


So, the time has come for your bestie to get married and you’ve been trusted with planning a hens night that’s ticks all of the boxes.


Alongside the dream wedding dress, the hens party is something that you’ve probably discussed countless time with your friends, including the bride… way before the husband-to-be was even her boyfriend!


With all of that history (and wistful dreaming) in mind, the pressure is on! Planning the perfect get together ahead of your partner in crime tying the knot is a tough one, but if you get it right, your girls will be talking about it for years to come.


Thankfully, the old school hens party has come a long way since the classic polyester veil and bridal sash stereotypes. Instead, we welcome delicious cocktails, trendy canapés and extravagant rooftop views.


Keep reading for the hens night ideas that’ll give you the cool-girl edge and ensure the night is one to remember.


Pre-Party Prepping


Before you hit the city for the night, plan pre-party pre drinks and include a pamper session of course. Organise a makeup artist to perfect your highlight and a hair stylist to give you an insta-worthy blow wave. There’s nothing better than having girly chats with your favourite people with your very own glam squad, after all, your best friend only gets married once! Put on your favourite singalongs and you have the perfect way to get the whole squad in the mood.


Put the Hen First


Happy wife, happy life, right? Well, it’s the same for the pre-wife too!  This is pretty much your first port of call, because if your bride isn’t happy, there’s no hope for the rest of the group. Make sure you ask the bride-to-be the sort of thing she actually wants. Cocktail making during the day whilst looking out on to breathtaking views of Melbourne? Mon Bijou it is. If she’d prefer an evening party in a glamorous setting? Go for a nightclub with beautiful décor and a dancefloor of course! After all, she is the VIP of the whole night.


Choose Your Destination Carefully


It’s true what they say, location is pretty much everything. Make sure that you do some extensive research before you put a deposit down and look for a place with the vibe you’re hoping for. Whether it’s a night of drinking with bottle service amongst the elite, or a high tea location perfect for girlie chats, Melbourne is your oyster! Although everyone’s different, choosing a venue that provides both a delicious menu alongside some entertainment is your best bet. The best part? Get chauffeured to your hens night like the VIP that you are an with limousine transport hire.


Enlist the FUN


Why leave all the naughtiness to the boys? Choose from a range of entertainment to get your pulses racing and provide a lot of laughter. After all, it’s the brides last night of ‘freedom’ so you’ve got to make it count. From life drawing to topless waiters (yes please), and even your very own professional photographer to snap your next profile picture, make sure the hens night is packed with activities to keep the bride guessing and excite the whole team.


Plan Ahead


Whatever you do, don’t leave it to the last minute to get your besties dream hens party booked in. Instead, speak to the expert events planners at Hens and work with the innovative team to come up with hens night ideas that’ll get the whole girl squad laughing and dancing the night away!


Contact us today and let us take care of your besties dreams hens party. One last thing… don’t forget to have fun! The more topless waiters… the better.