Devilish Food to Serve at Your Hen’s Party


Get naughty, silly and maybe a little bit wild with these devilish food ideas to serve at your hen’s party. Think delectable little mouthfuls that are easy to eat and keep the girls well fuelled for the fun to come. From pizza bites to burger sliders, loaded fries and of course sweet treats, we have got all of your bases covered. Healthy eaters need look away as we are about to reveal our top devilish foods that will make your hen’s party a success.

Pizza bites

Everybody loves pizza. So, add some easy to eat pizza bites to your menu and everyone will be impressed. Choose a variety of types to ensure that everyone’s preferences are well catered for and the crew will forever be in your hands. Include margherita, meat lovers, vegetarian, pepperoni among others for the ultimate fun time. Pizza bites are a perfect menu option at hen’s parties because they taste amazing and create little to no mess. Just have some paper towels or napkins on hand for any greasy fingers that are sure to be left behind!

Burger sliders

Park the monster sized burgers and opt for something a little more appropriate instead. Burger sliders are a favourite finger food and offer all of the flavour and fun of their larger parents. Chicken or beef are popular options when it comes to the patties themselves. Other than that, have plenty of fresh lettuce, tomato, cheese and of course some ace sauces to really top things off. Ask for pineapple for a sweet kick or gherkins for something a little different. Be sure to get in quick as a few trays of these mouth-watering mini burgers won’t last long at all. 

Loaded fries

Take the classic French fry to a new level by loading up with your favourite toppings. Go for melted cheese and gravy (poutine style) or add bacon pieces with BBQ sauce, spring onions, chives and anything else that you can think of. Go even further by adding ground beef, taco seasoning and cheddar for a nacho twist that will leave your best buddies in total heaven. Lock and load with loaded fries that can easily be shared amongst the masses and will keep your guest list in the best of party spirits. 


No one said that this event was going to be healthy. That’s why we strongly advise that you bring out some mouth-watering cake to put the icing on top of what will be a fantastic event. There are no rules when it comes to choosing a dessert, as long as it is totally decadent and truly over the top. You want people to walk away having eaten like royalty and delicious sweet treats are one way to do that and then some.  

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