Outdoor Hen’s Party Ideas That Bring the Fun


Turn the tables and shake things up with these fantastic hen’s party ideas that all take place outdoors. These fun activities will leave you and your gal pals with endless memories to cherish and love for years to come. Read on below to get the lowdown on some unique hen’s party adventures that won’t disappoint. 


Ever been camping? Nope. And we don’t blame you. Glamping, on the other hand, is a fun alternative that comes with none of the sacrifice. You get outdoors and enjoy some quality time with the girls, but you don’t have to give up comfort or your dignity. Time spent glamping, whether it’s a day, night or an extended period, is a wonderful idea because everything that you need is all there waiting for you. Choose a beautiful tent and live like queens in the great outdoors. Explore the native wildlife and checkout all the local scenery that’s on offer. Definitely include this on your list of hen’s party activities and your city slicker friends will be more than grateful.  

Wine tasting

Head to a fantastic winery and let the squad sip their way through a delectable menu of local wines. Wineries are a good idea for hen’s parties because there’s plenty of drinks on offer and also some breathtaking views. Pick a warm season to get plenty of sun or opt for a more wintery affair and bring plenty of warm clothes. Wine tasting at a winery will definitely bring your inner party animal out and keep everyone’s spirits high. Be sure to think about transportation and get some carpooling going or hire a bus to ensure that everyone gets home again in one piece.  

Lunch on the water

Grab the crew and get ready for a day of fantastic eating as you celebrate along the water. Get everyone to pitch in and hire a boat for the day that includes everything that you need for a great time. Think fresh produce, an awesome menu plus a talented chef who really knows what they are doing. Don’t forget to bring aboard plenty of fun drinks and some banging music to keep everyone primed for some dancing fun. Lunch on the water is one way to ensure that you and your friends are totally entertained while enjoying time outdoors.   

Keep the party going well after the sun goes down…

Getting outdoors is a great idea to blow off steam with your girlfriends when it comes to sending your soon to be married friend off with a bang. However, once the formal activities have come to an end, it’s always fun to head indoors to keep the fun going well into the night. Not sure how to do that? Well, get in touch with the team at hens.com.au and chat to one of our expert staff. We can help you to throw a wild event at a unique venue that includes drinks, food, entertainment and so much more.