5 Best Hens Movies to Watch (Part 1)

We think a “hens night in” is an underrated institution that can be just as fun as sweeping the dancefloor. However, why not both? Spend the night out on the town celebrating, and when you’re ready to head back to the hotel, fall asleep watching one of these movies. 

Our curated movie list will have you believing evermore in love and friendship. Here are our top 5 movies that do just that!

The Princess Bride: 

This movie has it all. There’s something for everyone. Romance, comedy and WWF wrestlers. A winning combination! Not only is this one of the most quotable films from the ‘80s but it’s one of the best written fantasy stories we’ve come across from the era. You won’t be able to keep your eyes off Cary Elwes and Robin Wright whose chemistry is undeniable. Celebrate true fairy tale love with this William Goldman classic. 

Romy & Michele’s High School Reunion: 

The seminal comedy that ushered in the new age of non sequitur humour, paving the way for classics such as Anchorman, Mean Girls, and any other ridiculous random humoured films you know and love. This film was so different from any other comedy on the market that upon its release, critics scoffed. It now has a cult following on par with Napoleon Dynamite and The Big Lebowski. With two great female leads and a bevy of other hilarious supporting roles, this classic will have the gang even closer and bonded than before. 

Mean Girls: 

Can you handle another side-splitting laughter session? Then Mean Girls is the film to tip you over the edge. Based off the exquisitely written book by Tina Fey, this comedic masterpiece will have you gasping for air with its perfectly timed line delivery, plot twists and harebrained schemes we’ve always wanted to perpetrate but never had the guts to actually execute. A standalone classic in its own right, a film that totally “GROOL.”


A cautionary tale to show your bridesmaids how you DON’T want your pre-wedding events to turn out. This one is a lot wilder than our previously tamer recommendations, but if you’re keen for a bit of grit, this hilarious film will either have you laughing, shirking away in disgust, or all of the above. Kudos to Rose Byrne, whose comedic performances are getting better and better with each despicable role she plays. 


Somewhere between Bridesmaids and Mean Girls, you’ll find Melissa McCarthy’s modern comedic classic, SPY. The friendship between McCarthy and Miranda Hart is so incredibly relatable, you could be watching a goofy buddy film about you and your mates (minus the explosions and death darts). The friendship is the ultimate side dish to the film’s plot twists, antics and comedic hilarity that will have you in tears by the film’s end. 

Also, we kind of lied. While the movie list is crucial, what truly makes the night even more memorable is a tasty spread, themed décor, and a bottle (or two!) of bubbly to celebrate. Get in touch with Hens.com.au, and we’ll help organise the best hens night out you could ever imagine! 

The only thing you’ll need to worry about is who to invite…

Let the fun begin!