Our team specialise in creating customised, exclusive hens nights in Melbourne CBD. Our team of professionals knows how to build an evening that surpasses all of your expectations – complete with optional extras to make your occasion stand out.

Specialising in unique hens night ideas Melbourne wide, we can help you plan, prepare and most of all, enjoy your celebration. Taking care of every detail for a smooth-running night that exceeds your expectations, we can help you create a hens party like no other.

Our team of professionals on the ground here in Melbourne are more than happy to help with all of your planning needs and will work hard to bring your ideas to life with our tailored venue packages

Contact us today with any questions or for further assistance regarding the organisation of your hen’s night in Melbourne. 

Hens Party Packages with a Touch of Class

The strength of our values lies in our ability to leverage our various venues as event planners, organisers and experience to establish a collective fusing of ideas, memories and experiences. Gathering unique hens night ideas is our forte, which is why we’ve been able to plan so many successful hens over the years.

Three venue partners, with very different resumes, fuse our skills, experience and networks to bring you world-class events, innovative dining experiences, intimate get-togethers and unforgettable parties. 

You can count on us…. Not only do we facilitate consummate events management and promotion, we offer our alliances with elite beverage brands, renowned restaurants and caterers.