The strength of our values lies in our ability to leverage our various venues as event planners, organisers and experience to establish
a collective fusing of ideas, memories and experiences.

Four partners, with very different resumes, fuse our skills, experience and networks to bring you world-class corporate events, innovative dining experiences, intimate get-togethers and unforgettable parties. 

The Collective was formed to present an unparalleled package. Not only do we facilitate consummate events management and promotion, we offer our alliances with elite beverage brands, renowned restaurants and caterers, *and* we have the keys to the most exclusive and exquisite venues. Mon Bijou, Baroq, Bond and Alia … Each promises a fantastic address, unique atmosphere, and a palette of fine temptations. Select the best. Our spaces cater for all occasions and any number of guests. We promise immaculate service and impressive results. 

Our passion is the pursuit of the unexpected: rare and rich experiences, cutting-edge culinary twists, magical and memorable settings. Let The Collective surprise you with our ideas and ingenuity.