Popular Hens Dress-up Themes

Want to make your hens night even more amazing? That’s easy – just add costumes! Themed hens parties are growing in popularity and make sale for a fun night out. While there’s no doubt getting dressed up to the nines will attract attention and turn heads, we think there’s something even more special about getting the girls together in full costume.

But we’re not talking about matching slogan tees and pink feather boas. No, we’re going a lot classier with our choices. After all, it’s a lot more fun when there’s an element of uniformity to your night out. And, it gets everyone in the mood to celebrate and feel part of the #girlsquad.

So, get inspired and check out our popular hens dress-up themes:

1. Sailor

Ahoy there, me hearties! For this theme, get the girls to wear navy and white stripes. Lips should be stained red and don’t forget the cute nautical hat to go with it. Bonus points if your hens party is on a boat cruise.

2. Disney Princesses

Whether the bride-to-be is a Disney fanatic or she’s a bit of a princess (read: Bridezilla!), this theme is sure to stir up childhood memories for all involved. Our suggestion: if possible, ensure every guest is wearing a different Disney costume to avoid double-ups – at last count, there were 12 Disney princesses. If you’ve got more guests, feel free to incorporate Disney female protagonists, such as Tinkerbell and Anna + Elsa.

3. Naughty Nurses

An oldie but a goldie. Hire some nurses outfits from your local costume store, grab the suspenders, hang a stethoscope around your neck and you’re good to go!

4. Great Gatsby/Roaring Twenties

The ‘20s has enjoyed a massive revival, thanks to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Great Gatsby film. When else are your girls going to have a chance to get together and get decked out in feathers, fur and sequins? Don’t forget the pretty headpiece and the (faux) cigarette holder. 

5. Gender Bender

Throw away all gender conventions – now’s your chance to see what it feels like for a boy. A tuxedo hen party involves all the girls getting together and wearing reverse-drag. This means donning the fitted black pants, white shirt and bow tie. Trust us – it’s sexier than it sounds.

6. Playboy Bunnies

This one really needs no explanation (but maybe don’t invite the mother-in-law for this one!)

7. Halloween Horror

Getting married in October? Why not celebrate with a horror theme! From vampires to zombies and witches, the more bloody the better.

Whatever your taste or budget, we hope that we have inspired you to go above and beyond for your hens night. Don’t miss the opportunity to dress up for that last weekend of freedom – and have fun doing it. Plus, it will make for some amazing Instagram posts and stories!At Hens.com.au, we have helped organise hundreds of brides-to-be with a fun night out. Contact us on (03) 9981 9000 or email info@hens.com.au for an unforgettable send-off!