5 Celebs We’d Love to Party With On Our Hens

You may not be an A-lister or have the funds to invite these celebrities to your hens, but hey! You have a license to dream!

Like any party you want to make memorable,  your hens will be no different. Its success will also be based on every component coming together to make the whole shebang better than any party that the party queen herself – Paris Hilton – could have mustered up. We think we’ve concocted the perfect formula and reckon these top 5 celebs working together would make for the ultimate hens party.

1. The Funny One – Rebel Wilson

An Australian icon, Rebel is side-splitting funny, and you need a funny gal at any party. Think about it: the best parties are the ones where any ordinary situation can turn into the funniest moment. We’d have this funny woman front and center to lighten the mood and keep the chuckles coming well into the night.

2. The DJ – Havana Brown

As the supporting act for superstars like Britney, Gaga and Rihanna, DJ Havana Brown certainly knows how to “bring it”.  With a stack of no. 1s under her arm (who can forget “We Run The Night,” “Spread A Little Love,” and “Big Banana?”), she knows what the crowd wants. Havana will be creating memorable tunes that stick in your head for hours long after you hear them – but in a good way. Havana Brown is our top DJ now and forever – and of course, she’s Aussie born and bred!

3. The VIP – Kim Kardashian West

Straight up the red carpet and through the doors, VIP-style. Bottle service. Private booth with specialised service (and separated by a rope from the commoners). There’ll be no waiting around in the club line when Mrs. West is in your entourage. Plus, it doesn’t help that she’ll be splashing her black Amex around and paying for everyone’s drinks.

4. The Chef – Nigella Lawson

No party is complete without a delectable spread, but if we’re planning for the hens of our dreams, then we won’t have anyone else enter the kitchen but Nigella (first-name basis.) We’d be keen for edible wedding rings, bouquets and anything this British brunette could concoct for the night. Mmm delectable!

5. The “Shoo-er”- Judi Dench  

Come the night’s end, there will be plenty of stragglers who you want out the party doors but you won’t have the heart to tell them to “GET LOST.” That’s why you need an older fierce authority figure to tell people off and who can “shoo” everyone away with a single glance. 

We’ll leave the rest of the guest list to you but will happily manage your hens when it comes to everything else. We’ll sort out the decor, theme, goodies and even provide some great food if Nigella can’t make it. Get in touch with us today at hens.com.au.