Art Inspired Hen’s Party Activities

Why should the artists have all the fun? Get creative for your hen’s party and impress the girls with your talent. Art inspired activities are a great way to get people mingling and in the mood to celebrate. Add some delicious wine and you have the perfect recipe for a fantastic and memorable hen’s party. We are talking about drawing, painting, sculpting and maybe even some food related artworks too. Check out our art inspired hen’s party ideas below and you might even discover a great new profession. 

Life drawing

Sharpen your pencils and get ready to draw some real life things! Life drawing is a fun way to get the team together and offers plenty of appropriate conversation for a hen’s party. Study the male form in all of its nude glory and let the good times begin. Encourage some friendly rivalry by offering a prize for the best masterpiece at the end of the day and the fun factor is sure to ramp up. Be sure to have plenty of wine in circulation to help with your artistic flow and everyone will be thrilled. 

Cork and canvas

Ever wanted to test your hand at being a world class painter? Well, now’s your chance. A cork and canvas class will appeal to your close friends and makes a great hen’s party idea. Working in front of an easel with a collection of paints is an experience of its own that everyone is sure to enjoy. Again, keep the drinks in rotation and be sure to taste a variety of different drops based on what’s around. For bonus points, ensure that there’s a cheese board close by for some ongoing fuel and sustenance throughout the fun filled day.

Pottery class

Spin the pottery wheel beside your gal pals and get lost in some hands on fun. Pottery classes will help you to relax and unwind in a friendly environment. Choose a fantastic design and get to work creating your own fantastic piece. Once set, get creative and add colours and exterior designs to make things look great. Go for beautiful paint types and decorations for a unique overall finish. The best part? You’ll have a special pot to give away as a present or to keep for yourself.   

Cooking lesson

Our final art inspired idea takes a slightly edible twist, and we are sure that it will go down a treat. Organise a cooking lesson from a talented chef that focuses on food presentation. Feel free to host the event yourself or ask a friend to do it for you. Bonus points if the chef is super cute and handsome. Wine is a staple part of any recipe and should be available to drink at all times. Pay attention to your head chef and you might just walk away with some handy new kitchen skills too.   

Once the fun has wrapped up, be sure to have a wild afterparty planned for you and your friends. Hen’s parties should always involve plenty of wild and exciting activities that bring people together. At we can provide you with just that. Our team works hard to put together standout party packages that are always a success. Speak to us about our fantastic event hire spaces that are perfect for hen’s nights and more.

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