Hen Parties for the Older Bride-to-be!

Bond Banquette

Whether you’re looking for hens night dinner ideas or hens night packages in Melbourne for the older or second-time bride, or you’ve invited some of your older relatives and friends to celebrate the night with you, we’ve got a number of ideas and activities that are quite simply, perfect!   

Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying that the older ladies can’t party with the rest of us, but instead of stressing out trying to organise traditional hens night activities, we’ve got a number of ideas that’ll promise you all have a great time, no matter what.

Wine Tasting

Just because the bride-to-be and her hens are a little older, that doesn’t mean that your group of hens aren’t going to want a drink, or two, or ten! If your group of girls are lovers of fine wines and all things exquisite, why not head to a wine tasting day where you’ll learn a little about learn about champagne, wines and get to taste them all! That’s right, every.single.one.

Private Spa Hire

Rid yourself of toxins and massage the stresses away before the big day comes around by opting for a private spa session. Depending on where you’re headed, treat yourself and the ladies to a champagne reception with delicious canapés for your group to feast on, whilst you await your facial and massages. Our favourite part? Find a spa with an outdoor thermal pool for the ultimate experience.  

Private Dining

Picture a dinner party with all of your favourite people, but in a beautiful setting, being waited on by attentive staff. Going for a private dining option allows you to make the whole venue your own, from beautiful centrepieces to décor around the room, it’s totally up to you. At Hens, we offer bespoke hens dinner packages brought to you by world-famous chefs and cocktails from the city’s best mixologists. The best part about going private? You can play fun games and talk about whatever you want without anyone else hearing a thing – cheeky, cheeky!

A Boat Cruise

Boat cruises provide the ultimate lady of leisure vibes. As an older bride-to-be, enjoy the glamorous experience with your girls and pop open the champers to celebrate. Water is actually known to have relaxing properties which is totally what you need before the big day. It’s time to channel your inner Bridget Bardot and be the glamour puss you deserve to be. Sun hat, oversized sunnies, a floral maxi dress and you’re on to a winning combo – we can see it now!

No matter what kind of hens night you’re looking to organise, we’ve got you covered. From a high tea to even organising your hens night transport in Melbourne, allow the team at Hens to take care of everything so that you can relax and enjoy your last night of freedom!