Hens Party Basics

As a woman, there’s often only two things that we look forward to more than the big day itself (besides spending the rest of our lives with the love of our life, of course…!), and that’s the dress (obviously) and the hen’s night with our girlfriends.

Now, we’ve spent a lot of time giving you unique hens night ideas in Melbourne, from modern day activities like painting and even setting sail on a yacht, to delicious high teas that every one of every age will enjoy – BUT, what about the basics?

The plain old fashioned, raucous, hen’s nights that are all about games, embarrassing photos, risqué party favours and lots of laughs.

Can we interest you in a slideshow of the brides most embarrassing photos and a cheeky game of Mr and Mrs?

Keep reading for the ultimate hen’s night basics that’ll have you thinking “wow, my best friend really is getting married!”.

The Mr & Mrs Quiz

A CLASSIC hens party drinking game, the Mr & Mrs quiz or in other words, getting the bride a little bit tipsy. The rules are simple – choose around 20 questions about the bride and groom, including their likes, dislikes, and even the things they like about each other and ask the bride-to-be on the hen’s night. For every question she answers wrong, she has to down a shot. Fireball at the ready.

Embarrassing Slideshow or Speech

If you’ve got access to a screen or a projector, showing old videos of the bride as a baby right through to her goofy teenage years, up until now, is both a funny and heart-warming touch to add to the evening. Well, it wouldn’t be a hen’s night without digging up old photos of the soon-to-be wife at her formal with a questionable hairstyle would it? If you’re unable to show anything, a good old-fashioned speech is certainly just as special.

Fun Party Favours…

We get it, not everyone is in to drinking their G&T from a penis straw, getting showered in phallic shaped confetti or wearing a bright pink sash that says, ‘Bride To be’. HOWEVER, if you know that your hen is all about the lols *and the attention*, then some silly party favours, decorations and games aren’t hurting anyone! Although these hens party trends aren’t loved by everyone, if the bride wants to wear a fluffy tiara to the club, then who says she can’t?

Dress Code Theme

An oldie but a goldie is the themed dress code. Want the bride to stand out and feel special? Tell the guests to dress in all black attire, and you guessed it, the hen should come dressed in a completely white ensemble. Wifey vibes. This way, whether you head to the club or book a private booth in a venue, the bride-to-be will stand out and gain all the attention she deserves. After all, it’s all about the bride!

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