Plan a Hens Night That the Bride & Whole Bridal Squad Will Love

Hens Party Decor

So, the time has come for your bestie to get married and you’ve been trusted with planning a hens night that’s ticks all of the boxes.

Alongside the dream wedding dress, the hens party is something that you’ve probably discussed countless time with your friends, including the bride… way before the husband-to-be was even her boyfriend!

With all of that history (and wistful dreaming) in mind, the pressure is on! Planning the perfect get together ahead of your partner in crime tying the knot is a tough one, but if you get it right, your girls will be talking about it for years to come.

Thankfully, the old school hens party has come a long way since the classic polyester veil and bridal sash stereotypes. Instead, we welcome delicious cocktails, trendy canapés and extravagant rooftop views.

Keep reading for the hens night ideas that’ll give you the cool-girl edge and ensure the night is one to remember.

Pre-Party Prepping

Before you hit the city for the night, plan pre-party pre drinks and include a pamper session of course. Organise a makeup artist to perfect your highlight and a hair stylist to give you an insta-worthy blow wave. There’s nothing better than having girly chats with your favourite people with your very own glam squad, after all, your best friend only gets married once! Put on your favourite singalongs and you have the perfect way to get the whole squad in the mood.

Put the Hen First

Happy wife, happy life, right? Well, it’s the same for the pre-wife too!  This is pretty much your first port of call, because if your bride isn’t happy, there’s no hope for the rest of the group. Make sure you ask the bride-to-be the sort of thing she actually wants. Cocktail making during the day whilst looking out on to breathtaking views of Melbourne? Mon Bijou it is. If she’d prefer an evening party in a glamorous setting? Go for a nightclub with beautiful décor and a dancefloor of course! After all, she is the VIP of the whole night.

Choose Your Destination Carefully

It’s true what they say, location is pretty much everything. Make sure that you do some extensive research before you put a deposit down and look for a place with the vibe you’re hoping for. Whether it’s a night of drinking with bottle service amongst the elite, or a high tea location perfect for girlie chats, Melbourne is your oyster! Although everyone’s different, choosing a venue that provides both a delicious menu alongside some entertainment is your best bet. The best part? Get chauffeured to your hens night like the VIP that you are an with limousine transport hire.

Enlist the FUN

Why leave all the naughtiness to the boys? Choose from a range of entertainment to get your pulses racing and provide a lot of laughter. After all, it’s the brides last night of ‘freedom’ so you’ve got to make it count. From life drawing to topless waiters (yes please), and even your very own professional photographer to snap your next profile picture, make sure the hens night is packed with activities to keep the bride guessing and excite the whole team.

Plan Ahead

Whatever you do, don’t leave it to the last minute to get your besties dream hens party booked in. Instead, speak to the expert events planners at Hens and work with the innovative team to come up with hens night ideas that’ll get the whole girl squad laughing and dancing the night away!

Contact us today and let us take care of your besties dreams hens party. One last thing… don’t forget to have fun! The more topless waiters… the better.