What happens at a pole dancing hens night?

Ever been invited to a hens party of a family member or friend and frozen in your tracks once you’ve opened the invitation? Sure, a pole dancing hens night isn’t for everyone, especially if you’re quite conservative. Don’t be so quick to RSVP “no” – we know there’s a lot of taboo surrounding the art of pole dancing, but we’d like to encourage you to fight through your anxiety. Why? Because it’s about to get sexy up in here and you’re about to see why this is fast becoming the most popular workout method and hens option out there (no nudity or booty shorts required: we promise!)

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A bit of history

Whether you’re keen to let loose or get fit, pole dancing offers both in a synchronicity that’ll have you feeling a little bit more confident and whole lot sweatier. Pole dancing is an art form that’s allegedly existed since the 1800’s and was initially used as a form of entertainment by travelling circuses and performers of the likes. With a history steeped in acrobatics, you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking all those pole dancers are fit as a fiddle. Dancers who have mastered the techniques boast iron tight cores (to allow for physically lifting) as well as strong arms and legs for support.

The good news is, you don’t need to match the level of fitness to that a professional pole dancer. If it’s your first time navigating the pole, all you need to bring to the hens night is an infectious personality and can-do attitude.

What to expect

If you’re saying yes to a pole dancing hens party, it’ll most likely be in a studio environment. However, some instructors offer the option to have a temporary pole brought to your home. Your instructor will coach you on the basics as well as general safety requirements to adhere to. Be sure to dress appropriately. Activewear like a tank top and shorts are the way to go (see, we told you no booty shorts!). The idea is to have enough skin exposed to effectively grip the pole. But please avoid miniskirts or stilettos – leave those to the pros.

Not only will this be an exciting event for you and the hen, but you’ll have a full body workout that’ll release those feel-good endorphins! Win win!

Going off with a bang

Once the sweating and ab-tensing has come to an end, you’ll then be able to chomp down on some well-earned treats and sweets, as well as down some sparkling wine. We recommend doing this AFTER the workout. With a themed spread that’s as delicious as it is Instagrammable, you’ll not only get the sustenance you’ve worked hard for, but also remember how beautiful the whole set up was. Get in touch with the team at hens.com.au and we’ll help you design an incredible spread for your pole dancing party as well as get you in touch with the right pole dancing instructors, no matter your level of experience.