Hens Games Everyone Will Want To Play

Just like a first kiss, a first car or a first big overseas trip, a hens celebration is a rite of passage that will be remembered forever. You’ll know who your squad are and the lovely ladies you’ll want to have at your main event, but how are you going to make memories that’ll last a lifetime? 

Try out these fun games and activities that everyone will want to play at your hens night. You’ll have a blast with your best gal pals and laugh the night away with this hilarious selection.

Would I Lie To You?

A classic with a twist (but only cause it’s all bride-related). The rules of the game are simple. The bride must present three statements to her audience, two of which are true. The audience will have to guess which is the lie. Not only is this super exciting for the bride (because it’s all about her, and rightfully so) but it’s a great opportunity to get to know more about her and anyone else playing who wants to get involved. Pair this with a couple of drinks and you might get a lot more truth than you were expecting. 


This isn’t beer pong (some decorum, please!) Instead, this is the exact same thing but with sparkling wine (automatically making it much more elegant). Competitors will attempt to bounce a ping pong ball into the other team’s champagne glass. Should they succeed, their opposition will need to drink a glass and vice versa. An alternative to this is bra-pong, where the glasses are replaced by bras laid “cup up” on the table. For every successful landing, the opposition will need to take a sip of bubbly. 

Here Comes Your Man

A great icebreaker, here’s where the maid of honour (MOH) gets involved. With this game, the MOH will find out and print out masks of the bride’s key celebrity crushes over her lifetime. Different guests chosen at random will have to wear each mask and do the following based on their persona. 

  • Take turns coming up with a pickup line
  • Describe their perfect date with the bride
  • Explain why they’d be the best match for the bride. 

When this is all done, the bride will choose her top 5 or her number 1 choice. The groom’s face doesn’t necessarily have to be included. 

X-Rated: The Plunger and The Loo Roll 

Oh! Thought that this would all be clean fun, did you? Not at all. We thought we might as well end strong with a game that is criminally underrated and 100% side busting. 

In this game, people are partnered and stand on opposite ends of a courtyard. One person holds a toilet roll in between their legs with the other holding a plunger. The plunger holder must then walk all the way to the other person (with the plunger in between their legs) and attempt to put the roll onto the end of the handle without using their hands. Harder than it sounds but very funny. 

Watch how it’s done here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5mWDINR7_LQWhy not try one of these games or ALL of them at your upcoming hens night? While you’re having a blast, we’ll provide the decor and food, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Not only will the location look beautiful and inviting but you’ll have plenty of treats on hand to make the occasion all the more special. Let hens.com.au help you do just that! Contact us today.